Tuesday, 6 March 2012

For My Parents

When I think of what cancer did to my family, I still feel shocked. It seemed surreal, a nightmare, and sometimes, just to give my mind a rest, I pretend for a moment it didn’t happen. I grew up with wonderful, kind loving parents, neither of which made it to fifty. They didn’t see my wedding day; they will never meet their beautiful grandchildren. My mother died of breast cancer, my dad, a brain-tumour. Margaret and Jim; they were both young, joyous, happy people, both of which were stuck by this awful disease. My mum told me by the time I got older that cures would be found, and, as time is going on, science develops and treatments are better, but still no cure. I have always wanted to do the Race for Life, but never felt strong enough. However, after having my first child last year, I can now try to begin to understand what my parents faced, knowing that they would not see their two daughters grow up. Their feelings must have been impossible to describe. And so, for the two bravest people I ever had the privilege of knowing, I’m going to do it on the 19 May 2012. Please help me to raise some money to help find a cure. Please let’s try to put an end to the suffering and loss this disease can cause, and also to help the brave people battling cancer today.

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